1 – Goals and objectives

NKENGNETWORK , works in the field of ‘ICT, providing solutions, consulting  to companies who need to market products and services with innovative marketing tools.
We appeal to all companies that need to develop consistently high performance in terms of objectives, providing sales models, training modules, and systems for measurement and control of the sales network. Offers coaching programs that target specific areas of activity.
Through established partnerships in the ICT world and provides advice on corporate security and document management. In short, provides IT solutions and services.
With organizational services, training and technical, using traditional methodology and supports on-line, they become valuable ways to optimize your technology investment, make it less easy for skills development and increase in quantity and quality productivity. With the advent of digital reproduction on the multi-function and integrates the full range of global solutions Hw and Sw, constantly monitoring new technologies such WIRELESS TERMINAL SERVER, WAN links in broadband, ete .. etc. ..
NKENGNETWORK care, research and develop and then propose amendments in order to make more efficient information sharing, both in technology for image processing, both for networking, especially for solutions of printing, faxing, and archiving copylng.
Deploy, customize, assists an information system based on Windows platform, which in turn is integrated and is completed with other products already on the market (word, excel, access, etc.)..
The working group within the structure is made up of young technicians motivated and educated in line with the constantly changing technology needs and market conditions.
In particular, a team of engineers involved in the design, supply of LAN and WAN solutions, integration Hw and Sw, training ON SITE, customizing ERP systems.
It offers training and consulting to companies on the changes induced by technological innovation, cultural and organizational. The goal is to provide the basic technical skills, because all this will translate to the company a competitive edge. Hence proposals forrnative, neIl’Office in BackOffice, Windows platforms
Offers solutions for operating lease and acquisition of installed base, with operations “fleet management”, all in pursuit of greater management flexibility.
makes available for each type of client products and solutions, with formulas that allow safeguarding the financial resources of the user.

NKENGNETWORK was also created to assist in all phases of operation companies operating in the resale of products and services of third parties, with a mandate of agency.
The program is aimed at achieving objectives consistently, using proven methods and marketing solutions shaped on this type of business starting from the selection of sales personnel, training and motivation.
Part of the program is paid to the development and application of systems for performance measurement and study of the potential of the products to the management of relationships with business partners. The ultimate goal of the program is to create a successful business benefit from its potential regardless of the importance of brand marketing.


1-enroll yourself as a member of nkengnetwork
2-reseption schedule a private meeting with one of our Representatives.
3-attend online training courses on business methodologies by nkengnetwork.
The program:
Analysis and recognition of activities carried out and on-going.
Definition of objectives in three months, six months, twelve months.
Training and start-up.
Action, application models and strategies
Collection and analysis of results.

The program takes place through a series of events / meetings agreed, necessary for the performance of the program.
There is a program with the aim of creating professional ad-hoc to be included in business environments who need to acquire skills geared to the sale of products and services with alternative methodologies.
NKENGNETWORK offers a curriculum that provides the theoretical practical sales techniques (promotion telephone, web, traditional) focusing ‘s attention on the use of innovative tools.
Create the conditions to ensure that each participant, in addition to achieving
references training, acquire work experience factor that is no longer required by the labor market.
Our formula starts with the idea that working in a call center, in a contact center or doing web marketing activities, should not be viewed as a precarious, or an application for a limited period. We train professionals Join Marketing.
Invest their capabilities, working on their potential, creating the indispensable foundations that a sales professional must have.
Learning to Communicate, have security in themselves, benefit from negative factors to be dynamic, working toward goals, are the points in which we focus our educational work, we take the most of every student.
Our courses provide a preparation, both theoretical and practical for telemarketers, door-to-door sellers, brokers operators call / contact center, web marketing.

Each training module provides the practical application with the ability to do
experience in companies operating in various sectors. Each student has the opportunity to use this experience as a reference for your resume.
We transfer the knowledge of tools, techniques necessary to face your daily activities with ease.

“The Security of Your Company depends on the security of others!
To secure their employees, customers and all stakeholders who interact with Your Business, it is essential indeed is Required! It ‘true that, because of bomb scares and media, you will be distracted by this argument, that this is a weighing of the situations developed to make some people rich.
To call Your Attention on a subject as complex and sensitive as the “security of Your Company”, is the case of analyzing the Your situation to really understand what are the areas of intervention and Tue actual needs.
Because you have to seriously address the problem of security?
Because it is not possible for a businessman who has invested time and denaronella own business, perhaps with great sacrifices, to risk their business for failing to follow a path necessary for himself and for his own company, a way that allows them to improve and consolidate its activities over time, sparing him stumble into problems and annoyances that should be to seriously affect the work done up to that point.
When we talk about what intend Security?
Talk about security Company means to address these topics:
Safety in the Workplace •
Security of Personal Data •
Information Security •
Security document •
Safety at work
NKENGNETWORK guides you to put in Security Your Business, giving you a
professional support to juggle the new security measures and
all the pitfalls that come daily.
Information Security and Personal Data
Analyze, Your needs for protection and data security for their treatment paper and electronic. Work alongside you in all the paperwork and the structural requirements. Security and protection documentaleGrazie innovative tools such as optical storage document, digital signature, electronic archives, we have available advice and tools to optimize all business processes that require security protection and document management.
ECM – Management of documentation Can you manage all the information circulating within the Your company? The ECM enables the creation, collection and storage of information in an organized and structured in order to improve and facilitate access to the data. Companies have realized that their wealth is not ‘the amount of information circulating within them, as the ability to benefit from it efficiently.
The automation of content management and their integrazionecon different business systems, reduce time and costs, resulting in a significant increase in business efficiency.
A solution of ECM is composed of a set of tools that enable the management of the documents produced and received within an organization, regardless of its format.
Allows you to catalog, organize, store, share and send any type of document. All the utent have available, at any time and in any place, the last updated version of the document in real time and, if authorized, will review them and approve them. This process brings significant benefits within an organization: greater efficiency and timeliness of information, a cost reduction for the reduction of the space of archive and reduced search times, with a positive impact on customer satisfaction.
The ECM solutions that you propose are based on leading technologies worldwide. With the use of these architectures realize customized applications for all the needs of our customers
The main features of ECM systems we offer are:
-Scale Systems
Monitoring of security-including the rights to read, modify and delete documents
– Full text search
– Version Control
– Cos – Optical Storage Substitute
The Replacement Optical Storage (COS) is a process that allows companies to keep records so that they are not damaged, thus maintaining their full legal value over time. This process, in the event that is carried out in accordance with local regulations, it allows companies to dematerialise their documentation.
In practice this translates into being able to avoid the hard copy of documents such as invoices, both active and passive, books, newspapers, stamps and many other types of documents.
NKENGNETWORK and Imaging Projects offer the following possibilities:
LegalBunker in-house: the application of dematerialization is installed on the Customer’s systems, guided by the application, care and directly follows the activities related to the process of dematerialization by affixing their signatures and the related Time Stamping.
LegalBunker ASP application resides on systems Imaging Projects. The data is sent by the client in Imaging Projects on secure lines, with strong authentication of VPN encryption. Imaging projects carefully and follow all the assets and legal obligations related to the process of dematerialization and, by proxy contracted, assumes all responsibility for operating the entire process of Conservation.